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Part Four finishes off the story. It begins in early 2021 and concludes in late spring 2022, showing a variety of activities as the farming year progresses. Highlights include the sight and sound of six classic tractors, with a combined power output of over 1000hp, working together with four large power harrows running ahead of a 12m drill and rolls to prepare and sow a 90-acre field of spring linseed. Articulated giants are not forgotten, with a Ford Versatile 946 in action drilling and cultivating, and John Deere 8640 and 8850 tractors carrying out power harrowing and mole draining respectively....

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Part Three covers the very busy autumn and winter period, beginning mid-way through September 2020. The action begins with manure spreading followed by some primary cultivations and mole draining before the first drilling is carried out. An extremely wet autumn hinders progress and gives rise to some unconventional scenes as every effort is made to get next year’s crops established. The sight of three unusual continental European classics (Fiat, Fendt and Lamborghini) coming together to plough and drill a field of wheat is one of the many highlights....

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Part Two continues the story, picking up where Part One left off in June 2020. As before the action is based around the farming year, beginning with pre-harvest work such as muck carting and some ploughing. Harvest starts at the end of July, paving the way for a wide variety of land work, with everything shown from mole draining, subsoiling and stubble cultivations through to ploughing, rolling, pressing, power harrowing and some early drilling of lucerne.

Highlights include the epic sight of three Caterpillar steel-track crawlers (D5B, D6D and D8H) working together with large Dowdeswell ploughs, boasting a combined 646hp and 26 furrows...

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Continuing in the spirit of Project 55, this new DVD series focuses on farming and contracting with modern classic tractors, but featuring a much wider variety of machinery from manufacturers such as Fendt, Mercedes-Benz, John Deere, Ford, Caterpillar and New Holland. Part one of the series starts off by turning back the clock to September 2019 and a memorable ploughing spectacle involving four articulated giants (Ford FW-30 and FW-60, a Versatile 946 and a John Deere 8850). It then follows and records the subsequent farming operations that took place between September and June this year...

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With impressive scenes of dust, diesel and clanking tracks from the outset this unique series is not to be missed by any enthusiast of pure horsepower.

Filmed over the past 10 years, the Steel Tracks at Work DVDs focus on steel-track crawlers still hard at work on British farms throughout the seasons. For many years steel-tracks were a popular choice for primary cultivations. Although their popularity declined following the rise of four-wheel drive and rubber-tracks, they still offer some unique advantages and particularly excel at mole draining and top work.

More than 55 crawlers feature over the two programmes, with examples from Caterpillar, Track Marshall, Fiat, International, New Holland, Fowler, Massey Ferguson, Belarus, County and Scaip. Large and small models are all shown, with power outputs ranging from 50hp to 350hp.

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For most of the 1970s and 1980s Ford was the best-selling tractor on the UK market. The Farming with Ford DVDs focus on Ford tractors still hard at work on British farms during 2018. Although not intended to be a full history of Ford tractors, most ranges from 1970-1995 are represented with over 50 tractors shown in total.

Particular attention is given to the legendary 7810, highly regarded for its high power to weight ratio as a lightweight 6-cylinder tractor and an extremely popular model both when new and today. Farming with Ford features seven blue examples and two Silver Jubilee versions.

Jam-packed with the sights and sounds of classic blue iron hard at work, these DVDs are essential viewing for any true Ford enthusiast. Due for release December 2018.

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  It's time to announce a new forthcoming DVD series: Project '20. Featuring an eclectic variety of classic tractors and machinery in action, it's hoped that the first part will be due for release...   Anglian Agri Media Ltd offers a range of top-quality bespoke farming programmes with something to suit every interest. Please take a look at the current catalogue in our online shop.   It's time to announce a new forthcoming DVD series: Project '20. Featuring an eclectic variety of classic tractors and machinery in action, it's hoped that the first part will be due for release...  
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