Sprayers and Spreaders
Self-propelled machines in Britain

In Sprayers & Spreaders freelance agricultural journalist Chris Lockwood continues his quest to show in detail the range of machinery that is an essential part of modern arable farming.

From the late 1970s we have witnessed the continuous technical development of sprayers and spreaders. Chris Lockwood demonstrates this by showing 51 examples in operation.

He starts with some early self-propelled conversions such as the SAM F.C. from 1977. Although hydrostatic drive was soon to take over, mechanical-drive machines continued to play a role, particularly in special applications.

The bulk of Chris Lockwood’s programme deals with sprayers from the 1990s onwards. Increased tanks capacities, greater boom width, higher clearance and improved driver comfort are just some of the many advances that Chris shows and describes. By the end of the programme we have reached the full integration of GPS, with automatic functions to govern boom levelling, section control and steering.


Sprayers and Spreaders (DVD)
Chris Lockwood


The machines included in the programme are:

Ag-Chem Big-A 2800, Terra-Gator 2505, 8103 • Agrifac Condor • Amazone Pantera 4001 • Bargam MAC 2500 MC • Bateman RB15, RB25, RB35 • Berthoud Raptor FC 3240 • Case IH GEM 3000 SP • Chafer Tramliner SP • Challenger RoGator 418, 655, TerraGator 2244 • Chavtrac Chaviot 2000 • Clayton C4120 • Dammann-trac DT 2500 H Plus • Econ Allseason • FarmGEM Sapphire II • Fendt F 380 GHA • GEM Sapphire • GM-R Fieldcruiser FR-3-180i • Hardi Alpha Evo 4100 • Haylock SP2000 • Holmer Terra Variant 600 • Househam AR3000, Merlin 4-24, Spirit 3-24 • JCB Fastrac 2170 with Knight demount • John Deere 5430i • Kellands Agribuggy 2500 • Knight 1835, Challenger 110 • Landquip CV240 • Lite-Trac SS2400 • Matrot M44D 150 • MB Unimog 1600S, U400 forward control • MB-Trac 1000 forward control • Melroe Spra-Coupe 3430 • Multidrive 6185, FC, MB6185 • SAM 2000, 2000 (1995), F.C. (1977), F.C. (1989), SLc4000, Vision 4.0 & 4.0E • South Cave S-Trac U500.


Running Time: 112 minutes approx.
ISBN: 978-1-9083978-1-2
DVD Region Code: Region 2
First Released: 2013






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